“I have participated in several workshops on spiral dynamics with Mathias over the last two years and have found them really helpful in mapping human behaviours and dynamics. Mathias himself is a superb educator – extremely clear and perceptive. He treads a fine line between providing clear process and responding to needs in the group. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Sue Beardon; Organisational consultant and group facilitator

“Spiral Dynamics is one of those rare theories that holds the potential to integrate personal  transformation alongside societal and political transformation, and Mathias Granum’s workshops have been among the best I’ve attended that illuminate this potential.  I work in conflict transformation and social justice in Israel-Palestine, and attending Mathias’s workshops provided new insights that illuminate underlying dynamics of the conflict in the Middle East.  His explanation of the theory also provided me with a deeper understanding of why some Israelis and Palestinians become extraordinary leaders for peace, taking steps to engage in productive measures of change, while others fall into cycles of violence.

First introduced to Spiral Dynamics nearly 10 years ago, I’ve studied the theory with other teachers and read the literature but I had doubt about the relevance and applicability of the theory until I attended Mathias’s workshops. His ability to merge theory with practical application filled in missing pieces from past workshops.
After attending Mathias’s workshops, I’m convinced that the more people learn about and understand Spiral Dynamics, the more we will see new and effective means for lasting societal transformation in places like the Middle East and around the world.”

Ilana Sumka, former Jerusalem Executive Director, Encounter,


“Being a passionate teacher myself, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the near perfect teaching Mathias exhibits. Like no-one I’ve ever seen, Mathias manages to use all the latest didactic tricks in the book (use multimedia, interact with the students, provide a structure, limit the amount of info, throw in some humor, …) and, moreover, to use them only for the sake of providing clarity to his students. The exercises that he combines his theoretical explanation with, are in the same vain, i.e.: clear-cut, easy to digest exercises that allow you to fully concentrate on how this exercise is an example of the theoretics, rather than on how the exercise is done. Thus, to me Mathias truly deserves the title of Master Teacher’s Teacher.”

Jasper De Rycker, Teacher


“I appreciate what i see as the clarity and passion with which Mathias is sharing his work. I love both the understanding and softness that emanates from his way of sharing AND the sharpness and fierceness. It is relieving to have both energies at the same time. I enjoy the insights and openings that my brain and heart gained with the Spiral Dynamics workshops. It really contributes to guide me in my journeys and get more awareness and understanding for my actions and the world’s actions.”

Oriane Boyer;  Dancer, Communication trainer

“Mathias is one of the best teachers I’ve met in my life. Myself being an examined teacher and in my years of studying met many, that says a lot.  Mathias combines clearly explained theories with humor, body movement and emotional experiences which makes the learning fuller than anything I ever could have imagined. He’s not only talking about the stages of Spiral Dynamics, but also knows them by heart in a way so that he can help us living it ourselves.

Today, Mathias is one of my greatest inspirations for my own teaching work, and I feel both warm in my heart and amused by now having the internal support when standing before a pedagogical dilemma, being able to ask myself “What would Mathias have done now?”

Anders Hedén Ädel ; Teacher, Communication Consultant, Mediator ; homepage:


“I attended Mathias workshop on “Spiral Dynamics” and followed him in his work since 3 years.

I deeply appreciate the way he stands in front of a group, with much simplicity, care, lightness, humor and clarity. As a participant in his workshop, I am being easily guided into understanding and meaningful learning. I love the way how the learning material is coming from Mathias not only by his explanation, but much through each reaction he has to any comment in the room- the material is embodied and demonstrated in his being.

This is supported by a well organized workshop, with film clips, exercises, and personal stories from Mathias’s own life. This gives me variety, and keeps my interest in a fun level of engagement.

I love how his stories stays with me for days and weeks after the workshop, as living examples of the learning material, that keeps inspiring me and helping me to bridge between the workshop and real life situations.

The workshop brought me a clear connection between human behavior and the history of mankind, which left me with a deep tangible sense of compassion toward the different ways people are and how to use the qualities of everyone in a setting of a group.

Recommended !”

Yoram Mosenzon, certified Nonviolent Communication trainer,

“Spiral Dynamics is a model that allows people to be trained in new forms of learning, decision-making and living together.  Mathias brings these ideas in a way that allows the participants to learn by experiencing, with an utmost balanced care for the needs of the individual and the needs of the group.  This is one of the reasons that his way of teaching has a profound impact on those who attend his workshops.”
Cecilia Magnus, Coordinator of Gemma, Centre for Conscious Communication, Antwerp, Belgium.


“Never having heard of spiral dynamics before taking the workshop I was surprised how Mathias caught me with his enthusiasm for the subject. His workshop was so clear, lively, witty and interactive that I decided to take all his workshops on Spiral Dynamics. The subject is most interesting but his teaching skills are way beyond what I would expect from a great teacher. I am very thankful having had the opportunity to be part of his ‘class’. Looking forward to get more from Mathias’ Spiral Dynamics!”

Mickie Vannuffelen, Belgium, Teacher